With a top-down view and bottom-up technology capability, IT can quickly and reliably respond to the changing needs of the business with optimized yet
highly standardized solutions. With ITaaS, technology solutions can be deployed as needed, when needed, and bill only for what is used. This allows IT
to be a strategic enabler of the business—but allows users of technology services to take control of the process and work at their own speed. The idea has been discussed for more than a decade. But now Software-Defined Data Center technology (SDDC) makes it a reality.
A SDDC includes the ability to abstract compute, storage, networking and security resources so that virtualized resources can be deployed and managed in a highly automated fashion. This approach allows elasticity and on-demand self service for all of these resources according to established policies while being able
to monitor and measure the entire environment in a more holistic and transparent way.


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