Datacenters can be Key Barrier to Innovation [IDC Study]

Unfortunately, problems in the datacenter are limiting effective use of datacenter capacity. Eighty-four percent of IT and facilities executives in this study reported that they had one or more incidents in which datacenter facilities constraints in power, space, or cooling or asset management problems or uptime issues negatively impacted business operations.

A key strategy for reducing datacenter risk is to adopt a unified approach to management across all aspects of the datacenter. A well-implemented datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) solution can help IT and facilities teams coordinate management tasks by providing a common view of the truth to boost datacenter operating efficiency in power and cooling as well as IT asset utilization. It also makes it easier for datacenter teams to better tie physical systems to virtual machines, applications, and business services. A well-implemented DCIM solution can help datacenter teams better leverage existing capacity, avoid costly buildouts, and optimize IT workloads in the face of growing complexity, enabling organizations to capitalize more quickly on business innovation.

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