The focus in this area for me has been on Supplier Performance Management (SPM);

  • To manage key suppliers – assuring their performance and expanding our supplier network’s capabilities.
  • To ensure all key suppliers have the correct SPM framework and controls in place – from on-boarding through to in-life service support.
  • To provide insight and consultancy on supplier performance management – to ensure SPM best practice across the team.
  • To support high level critical escalations that could impact my company’s reputation and customer relationships.
  • The 3 pillars to successful SPM are;
  • Focus on Root Cause Analysis – Increase focus on root cause analysis of escalations to drive down overall volumes.  This will require a move away from operational management of individual escalations to create oxygen for RCA.
  • Drive Cycle Time Improvement – Drive sustainable improvement in delivery cycle time by focusing on the top suppliers that have the most impact.
  • Partnership with our Stakeholders – Work even more closely with our key stakeholders; procurement, service delivery, service assurance, global access and account teams to improve overall cycle time, reduce service failures and improve our costs.

Procurement is obviously a different function, and what broadly is covered in this function is described below;

  • Sourcing strategy & supplier selection
  • Defining and capturing requirements that  are to be delivered by a supplier
  • Contract negotiations and agreement
  • Lead sign on and sign off for supplier deals
  • Manage the formal contract handover to the contract manager

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