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Coaching & Mentoring
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In the latter part of my career, I have been asked or volunteered to coach or mentor individuals within the company I work for. This is a part of the job that I really enjoy as you can see direct results of your work. I am by no means a professional life or career coach, but given my experience I know that I can ask the right questions for people to find their path by themselves.

I focus on the following areas;

Career Direction – Acting as a “career coach” I can help the coached person to identify the ideal career and understand what the right career fit is long term.

Work Performance – I try to help the person to enable them to become a top performer through education, accountability and guidance on change management, time management, building confidence, becoming a better manager, and much more.

By performing Personalized Self Assessments I can support the development of a Clear Direction & Specific Plan for the person to be coached where he or she can focus on developing the right Skills, Tools & Confidence to achieve what he or she wants to get out of his career.



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