IT Spend per Industry

IT Spend per Industry

Key findings from the Gartner IT Key Metrics Data research report show:

  • Of 19 industries, only five saw an increase in IT spend as a percentage of revenue.
  • Software Publishing and Internet Services (6.7%) and Banking and Financial Services (6.3%) top the spend list.
  • In the middle: Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Medical Products (3.2%), Utilities (2.8%) and Transportation (2.6%)
  • Energy (1.1%), and the Construction, Materials and Natural Resources (1.0%) sectors continue to spend the least.

IT Spend industry

  • 56% of global IT budgets are spent on infrastructure and operations
  • 34% of global IT budgets are spent on applications
  • 10% of global IT budgets are spent on IT overhead
  • Regional IT spending trends


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