..with a passion and commitment to drive innovation and step changes for my clients.

More than 20 years of experience in defining and developing Service and Solution strategies and Technology road-maps with focus on ICT infrastructure outsourcing for pharmaceutical, CPG and Industrial customers.

Solid experience of end-to-end business development from requirements analysis through to day-to-day management.

Considerable know-how in negotiating & managing overall responsibility for global, large IT outsourcing and offshoring deals.

Excellent knowledge of complex global technology environments, including data and voice networks, Data Centre operations, application performance and related service excellence.

Business oriented mind-set with considerable experience of business-development, -management and budget responsibility.

Excellent understanding of project management principles with strong focus on business transformation programs and cost optimisation projects to achieve margin improvements and synergies.

In-depth knowledge of applicable FDA and GxP regulations as they relate to IT within an ITIL framework.

Enjoys leading talented, global multinational teams in a matrix structure to solve complex problems within a growth, highly-technical, customer-centric environment.

Proven leadership ability in large international corporations, continuously meeting challenging objectives.

Todays IT and Networking world is quick, disruptive and always changing. To keep up is not easy and requires constant development. You don’t need to be cutting edge, but your strategy should ensure you are making best use of the potential benefits.

The cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer. Most cloud services can be accessed through a Web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome, and some companies offer dedicated mobile apps.

Some examples of cloud services include Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Netflix, Yahoo Mail, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

The advantage of the cloud is that you can access your information on any device with an Internet connection. It’s what allows you to make edits to a file in Google Docs on your home computer, and then pick up where you left off when you get to the office.

Outsourcing is a business practice in which services or job functions are farmed out to a third party. In information technology, an outsourcing initiative with a technology provider can involve a range of operations, from the entirety of the IT function to discrete, easily defined components, such as disaster recovery, network services, software development or QA testing.

SDN – which is an architecture approach, not a specific product – has traditionally been thought of as virtualizing data center networks. This typically means separating the management of the control plane of network devices from the underlying data plane that forwards network traffic. Using a software-defined system to control this disaggregation brings many benefits, including increased network management flexibility and being able to more easily implement fine-grained security policies.


The classic approach to developing a new technology strategy involves a fairly structured, sequential process that produces a long-term view of the organisation’s technology requirements together with a plan for meeting these needs.

However, speed and agility are becoming key factors in determining whether an organisation can survive in the fast-moving and dynamic markets that are the hallmark of the digital world. Business strategies need to be flexible and organisations need to be able to change direction, reprioritise and create new capabilities more quickly and more often than they have done in the past.

I can help you defining that balance between your classic and agile IT strategy.




Why ICT services are required and what functions they’ll be performing is driven by the demand for processes and technology.

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How to deliver the services and where from is driven by the supply of these services by the ICT function.

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The power of collaboration


This must be a shared activity between demand and supply to ensure the right investments are made and delivered.

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of things connected to each other and refers to an ecosystem comprising of objects, connectivity and application/services. There are a number of projections on the size of the market by 2020 and the projections vary significantly but all projections agree to a minimum of $1 trillion plus addition to economic activity due to IoT. This is a big number and driving almost every company (even remotely related to IoT) to encash the IoT hype.

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Connected “things” in 2020
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IoT Endpoint Spending


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