Here are some ideas from Gartner of what the future of customer service and customer experience could look like. Customers are being smarter and smarter, and more demanding, this is where cutting edge technologies and thinking can be the deciding factor.

Omni Channel will become more omni. There’s the phone, email, instant chat, social channels, smart phones and more. Customers are connecting with companies in more ways than ever. Which channels are right for you? The ones that your customers are using.

Big Data gets bigger. We have access to so much data in the form of direct feedback from customers as well as analytics we pick up from monitoring trends and buying patterns. The key is to know what part of Big Data makes sense to look at.

Thank you for sharing. When a customer has an amazing experience, they share it. Companies realize the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Be so amazing that your customers want to tell everyone about their experience. Customer service and/or customer experience is the new marketing.

Self-help customer service is a powerful solution. Directing people to a self-help solution doesn’t mean you don’t want to deal with the customer personally. More and more customers are appreciating the speed and efficiency of finding answers to their questions online versus calling a company, waiting on hold and having to potentially repeat the question to more than one support rep. Start by posting an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section on the website. Post YouTube videos that teach how to use your products and answer your customers most frequent questions.

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