IT Governance

IT Governance
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In the IT Governance section the governance framework is implemented by the contractual parties to manage the structure. Also detailed within this section are the responsibilities of the parties governance organizations and details of the regular meetings held.


Governance Framework

This section should summarize the governance framework of the Governance organizations and forums.

Regular Meetings

This section should outline the key meetings that will take place, the attendees and the responsibilities of the parties Governance organizations and forums.

Customer Service Plan

The CSP is primarily an operational document, describing those processes and procedures that enable interaction between the contractual parties regarding the ongoing and day-to-day delivery and support of the in-scope services contained within the Contract. The CSP also contains processes and reference material outlining wider aspects of the Contract such as governance, compliance, and security.

The CSP should be used by the parties’ personnel involved in the delivery and support of in-scope services contracted to the supplier. The CSP should contain appropriate information from other sources (e.g. the contract) to provide guidance and a framework of interaction between the client and the supplier during the contract term. In addition, the CSP may be used as training reference material for new personnel within both parties.

Changes to the CSP must be reviewed, agreed and approved by both parties.

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